Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Nov 6
Last LaLD Hawl

Well it’s been fun. Hopefully when our time comes to an end here I will see everyone over at Drive Tribe. You can

Oct 8
RLC 2020 Continued...

I gonna need a minute... The RLC membership cost is worth this car alone. What’s the max RLC memberships you can

Mar 4 2019
R34 day

It’s R34 day, so here’s a Tomica Premium Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 V-Spec II Nür in lovely Bayside Blue...

Feb 12 2019

Finally getting back into some customs. Dat color shift tho...

Jan 22 2019

Wheel paint, wheel swap and details on the mainline by VDH Customs

Jan 9 2019
Gallo 24

Brian O’Connor: “So, Dunn, looks like we’re gonna be partners, bro. Could you tell me right quick what would be a

Dec 20 2018
Wangan Patrol

This is easily my favorite Greenlight casting in my collection. It was made in collaboration with Tarmac Works, and

Oct 23 2018

I hadn’t posted in a while, I’ve been pretty busy with work, plus I didn’t have my camera. This is a long post that