Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Mar 29 2016
Hot Wheels Retro VW SP2

Just some quick, unedited pics of my new SP2 from the Target Retro line. I felt bad ripping it out of its blister

Jul 27 2015
Maserati Quattroporte

Thanks to TFritch, I’ll finally got myself a Maserati Quattroporte. I took these pictures a while ago, but Kinja

Jun 22 2015

Thanks to Camshaft-Chris, I’ve got a shiny black Ferraro 250 GTO. Also, special thanks to Jobjoris for the assist!

May 30 2015
Hot Wheels: Cadillac Cien

This is the Hot Wheels Cadillac Cien concept car. It’s basically the mid-engined Corvette we always wanted, except

Apr 10 2015
Vector Avtech WX-3

I hunted this Vector for a very long time, but it's now a part of my supercar collection.

Feb 7 2015
Jaguar XJ220

I took some shots of my XJ220 that I detampoed a while back. The yellow saw blades look great with the orange paint.

Jan 29 2015
Hot Wheels Porsche 959

I meant to post these on Tuesday, but I was all thrown off by the snow from Snopocalypse '15. So anyway, this is a

Jan 21 2015
Doug's new ride

In celebration of Doug DeMuro importing an R32 Skyline, I cracked open my Hot Wheels version and snapped a few pics.

Jan 19 2015
Ford Torino Talledega

This was Ford's answer to the aerodynamically dominant Dodge Charger Daytona in NASCAR. Well this is the Hot Wheels

Jan 6 2015

Here are some pics of my favorite BMW Hot Wheels casting: the 2002

Jan 4 2015
Supercar Sunday

This was the only Countach I was able to find as a kid. It was wingless, had orange glass, phone dial wheels, but I

Jan 3 2015
Matchbox Rs200

Here are some shots of the Matchbox Rs200 I bought myself for Christmas. I won an ebay auction with no competition

Dec 22 2014
Chrysler Turbine Car

I know I've shared this one before, but here are some decent pics of it. This is the Hot Wheels Chrysler Turbine car