Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Jul 7 2017
Target Lunch Break FTW!!!!!

The hunt for M case stuff continues, but I’ll take this as a consolation prize! The Camaro TH was the only one found

Jan 14 2017
Supers! Ugh

So I found these two at the Meyer yesterday. They were almost next to each other too. Now I don’t know what to do

Sep 14 2016
$uper Trade?<em></em>

I have a Toyota Supra Super Treasure Hunt that I’d like to offer up for trade if someone has a Toyota Off-Road Truck

Sep 12 2016

My dry spell is finally over, and fellas, I’m drowning. After a crappy start to the morning at the office, I struck

Aug 31 2016
Walgreens Update

During my lunch break, I stopped by the Walgreens where I found the Gran Turismo series last week. They had the

Jun 4 2016

Went to Target hoping to find the Z4 Super. Found this instead! Didn’t realize these were still showing up on the

Mar 14 2016

I went to Target on my lunch break just a few minutes ago. Boy did I get there at the right time! They were

Feb 27 2016
Huuuge Dump Bin HAWL

Nearly a week ago I went hunting for a trade. While I was unsuccessful in finding my original goal, I dug through a