Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Sep 16 2017
ISO: K-Day Spares

Does anyone have any spares from K-Day? The only K-Mart within 3 hours of me closed, so I missed out on the event.

Mar 15 2017
Trade....or garage sale?

I don’t know if I should trade or have a garage sale. Here are the cars I am trying to get rid of. I was going to

Sep 22 2016
Recent HWEPS

I’ve gotten kinda slack about getting HWEP posts put together as I’m usually posting from my phone, which is not fun

Aug 13 2016

Here’s the latest HWEP post from me. All of these are avalible to trade, as is almost everything from my last post.

Jul 9 2016
Mega (150+) Car HWEP Post!

After having numerous trades derailed by not having a dedicated list, I decided to finally make one post for my

May 16 2016
Will Trade For Skyline

Yes, that is a pretty common statement for me, lol, but this post is for something more specifc. I am in need of a

Apr 7 2016
3D Thursday: on the Thames

This BotW Routemaster has some nice -what I’d call real rider- wheels, but I’ve been cranking out some more

Mar 16 2016
My first HWEP (literally)

For those who are following my blog but are not familiar with the terms it means Hot Wheels Exchange Program where

Mar 1 2016
Tuesday Trade Bait

I finally added some new models to my Maisto 1:18 Two-Wheeler fleet, but as Walmart doesn’t carry singles anymore,