Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Jun 1 2019
That went well...

Sme days I think to myself, don’t bother doing any hunting today. It’ll be a bust. You won’t find anything. Today

Jun 19 2018
Hour Rule

Trying to stay Kool on this hot summer day... Oh, and it’s Teutonic Tuesday!

Aug 4 2017
Morning Hunting And HAWLage<em></em>

If you’ve ever read my full screenname, you’ll know I’m a big Nissan guy. So when M2 announced their Auto-Japan

Jul 7 2017
Target Lunch Break FTW!!!!!

The hunt for M case stuff continues, but I’ll take this as a consolation prize! The Camaro TH was the only one found

May 24 2017
Tonight's Projects

No, they’re not diecast, but everyone here loves LEGOs right? Picked these up at TRU last night. Apparently the

Jan 19 2017
TRU HAWL: E Case Round 2

That’s right, I went back for more today, seeing as they’ve being keeping the pegs fully stocked lately. And lookey

Dec 3 2016
Interesting Trip to Target

For the first time ever, I saw a “dump bin” at Target. It wasn’t the same ones Walmart has - it was a multipurpose

Nov 12 2016

This was probably the best K-Day I’ve been to yet. A little better organized than past events, and a better