Big things with little cars

Tales From The Hunt

Grrrrr. Both Target and Walmart restocked last night, and another hunter beat me to both stores. Target all looked nice and neat with one or two gaps on the pegs where there had obviously been a car that was pulled right out.

Spirits still up, I went on to Walmart hoping to find something there. They too had restricted cord and I got to hunting. All the new casts were there, minus any TH. there were tons of Hudson Hornets, but no $uper.


I found another untouched, highly organized dump bin, and was immediately suspicious. It was quickly evident this was no Walmart employees work. Another, somewhat OCD, hunter had beat me there. Either they dumped the whole thing in to their car and put it all back, or they got here early enough to go through the cases and then stock everything for Walmart. Either way, I’m a little bit disappointed. The Hudson Hornet $uper is one I’ve been really looking for and really want. Oh well, the Hunt continues. Pics of my HAWL to come later as not to spoil my cast for my $ecret $uper person. ;)

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