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Tarmac Works AMG GT-R

After following the introduction of Tarmac Works and their super premium 1:64 line, I finally came across one that was irrestible: this Mercedes AMG GT-R in epic Green Hell Magno.

I’m not a big fan of super cars, but this was spectacular looking and that paint was unlike anything I’d seen on a 1/64. Plus I was curious what a truly a high end model would actually be like.


In an unfair comparison here’s Hot Wheels’ version:

At this price point, approximately $25 shipped, the Tarmac Works AMG has a lot to live up to. Incredibly, it doesn’t disappoint.


Once unscrewed from the base, the model does roll, though frankly not well. Something I found amazing, but had a lot of difficulty catching on camera was that even the brake calipers have been painted! Zoom in and check out the first picture for your best view.


Check out the detailing on those tailights!!


The spoiler is a separate piece. The roof approximates the 1:1 versions carbon fiber roof.


Overall, it’s fantastic model with just incredible detailing. Still that price gives one pause. I couldn’t see adding more Tarmac Works to my collection unless they release your favorite car. To me this would be the perfect display model for your office at work, assuming you only have one or two models. I’m not sure what my long term plans for this one is, but I do know if they put out a 370Z or Mazda RX-7 3Ds I’ll be first in line with a pre-order!

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