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[TBK Reviews] Greenlight Hobby Shop Desert Wolf Van


It’s a van (bitchin’) with a WOLF on it *female interest intensifies*. And a hiker guy that drives it. He probably communes with wolves on the weekend at state parks in Alaska or wherever non-coyote hybrid wolves roam free (because a coyote is a wild trash dog that does not have wolf courage). Don’t try to link to Wikipedia to challenge this assertion - I will ignore it.



Because Greenlight has great taste, apparently. Just take the gift you’ve been given.

Accuracy: 9/10


This is a very accurate van and fine art Mexican wolf rendering.

Fit & Finish: 10/10

Clean tampos. License plates. Side pipes. Rear roof spoiler.


Value: 11/10

This can be had for $5 and the ride. A Three Wolf Moon shirt on Amazon can cost up to $20. This is a no-brainer to gain some instant cred.


“But it’s not a Porsche 935 or McLaren F1 I’ve been saving for. Do I need one?”

Pfffftttttt. Yes.


This review made possible by KPS Hobbies & Toys, the place you should go for your premium 1/64 scale needs. The proprietor is a great guy & gives a LaLD discount. Find him on IG or order via email.

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