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TBT - Cararama Land Rover Defender 110

As I told before as well, this obsession with the Defender is not healthy for my wallet at all.

It is funny how things you really dreamed about has become reality. Few years back I was so eager to get just one Defender 110 model (back then the Welly 90 1/24 had just hit the shelves), and right now I have two, no three, no four, er, I have lost count.

These three are (RMZ 1/36, Cararama 1/43 and Majorette 1/6x) the best of the lot. I unfortunately missed the green LR series Defender from MBX here.

The most recent addition was this Cararama 1/43 Defender 110. I don’t want to be judgmental but this has to be the best medium scale Defender 110 there is. Cararama is more synonymous with the budget end of the die cast spectrum, but this could hold its own against the likes of much expensive Vitesse on any day.

It has the unmodified traditional front grille (unlike the RMZ) and has an incredibly faithful replication.


There is barely anything I can complain of, however the side mirrors could have been a little sturdier. Front lamps are separate and rear lamps are painted. No problems with the detailing work, everything is spot on and without any smudges or taints whatsoever.


I never thought I could add one to my collection, but I happened to spot an auction on eBay and took a very random shot at it. To my absolute surprise it worked, and the price I paid for this (mint, boxed but probably taken out, very carefully used) was a bargain without doubt, considering the sale prices of similar examples on eBay. Depending on how fast the shipping and postage works, it might be soon joined by a 1/24 cousin xD 


The demise of the Defender was the end of an era, the era of simple, boxy (unsafe lol) workhorses. The new one will wear the same badge, but will never truly replace the 110's (or 90's) soul; it is irreplaceable.


Thanks for stopping by! Here’s an advanced new year greeting! Wishing you a wonderful 2019! 

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