Tecnomodel gave us a glimpse into their development process by sharing images of their 3D rendering of McLaren’s upcoming Speedtail. The three-seater hypercar’s sole purpose is to reclaim the world’s fastest car title for McLaren once more, and Tecnomodel was awarded the opportunity to bring the car to scale model collectors. According to their Facebook page, a 1/43 and 1/18 scale model are in the works. No mention if these will also spontaneously combust, but let’s just hope not.


The next step in the development process will be to create a hand sample of the model using a 3D printer. That sample will be perfected and prepared for the master mould casting process, which will be used to create the resin bodies of the cars. That being said, these models will not have any opening parts, but you can bet that it will be absolutely stunning to look at coming from Tecnomodel.