Swung by a few antique malls today, and I have to say I’m glad I did. Let’s get the other stuff out of the way first.

Found this beautiful silver blue Cougar and it was a whole dollar! I love the green one, but this color looks awesome.

Next up, a Cobra. 100%.

This is a good match for the silver one Plasticprints sent me. I’m also playing around with diorama type settings.


And finally, a most specta... ah nevermind. I’ll let this grail piece speak for itself.

The 100% Hot Wheels Porsche Salzburg 917K 1970 Le Mans winner. I been watching this car on eBay for several months now and when they did show up, they went for $25 and higher. Usually higher.



Thought I’d get a couple of friends together to play in the trees. Another one off the wants list.

Thanks for looking!