Boy what a day. I was up at 5AM so I could make a 2-hour drive to Milwaukee, WI for a meeting. It was over at 3:00, but didn’t I didn’t get to leave until 4:30, so that meant dealing with rush-hour traffic in both Milwaukee and Chicago. On the way home, my wife calls and tells me her rear passenger window made a “clunk” and won’t go up. Uh Oh, the dreaded Mercedes W210 window regulator issue has reared its ugly head. I get home at 7 and instantly change clothes to deal with that. A fix at that time of night is out of the question, so I manage to get some clamps on the track to hopefully hold the window up til I can get it in the shop or maybe fix it myself. To add insult to injury, I hit up a Wisconsin Costco to see if they had a different selection of Maistos than my local stores (they didn’t) only to then get on here and see that SOME Costcos are getting some new stuff. I guess my AMG GT will have to come from eBay.

As to the trio of models above, they are the Minichamps BMW M3 GTR “Street”. There’s nothing street about them, they’re basically just un-liveried race cars. The Pheonix Yellow and Estoril Blue are dealer editions and the silver is a hobby edition. The DEs were limited to 300o pieces each, but Minichamps milked this mold for everything that it was worth, in some cases making hobby editions in colors similar to the dealer ones.

Fortunately, they knew Estoril Blue was the best blue. And for this so called street car, it was the only blue worth making.