Matchbox surely has some interesting stuff coming up for the mainline, and now they have another crazy series to be taken care of. Apparently there are two different Jurassic World sets; the first one (which had hit our pegs in the most unbelievable incident of late) has some vehicles attached with the first Jurassic World movie. That includes the Gyropshere, an Underwater vehicle, a generic Armored car, the Textron Tiger and the Mercedes Benz G Wagon (wonder why they left the 6x6 out). Only a pair of Textrons were there when I went to check my luck, all the G Wagons had gone.

Little is heard of this light tactical vehicle apart from its cameo in the JW. Let’s face it, I would not have noticed had it not been for the Matchbox release as well.

The second series, aptly titled “Legacy Collection” is the real deal; Scoops (and a couple of eBay listings) show the entire series, and THAT is crazy. Several sites had scooped the series as well, including a thread in Swifty’s Garage.

Image: eBay vendor jarohdy (eBay)


I’ll leave it here. Biggest wish now is to see these in local pegs!

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