My 959 has a few less details than the others. I ordered this guy last week. It came on a pristine card, with an immaculate blister. The paint is very thick, covering most of the details. But the Tampos!

They nearly filled in the air hole with paint.

Did you see all those tampos?

“THE” tampo

I couldn’t be happier with it. Now I’ll be forced to customize it.

I’m not sure how strong that 4wd system is????


detail Tuesday has started. With a little luck Tom Sellecks car will be ready today.

Still a lot to do to the 308, but I like these wheels on it. Needs a little ink wash.


Painted to see imperfections better. Will be stripped again.

The front bumper on the Integra needs filled in. Its just not stock looking enough. Those corner wings will get sanded smooth, and maybe take off a bit of the splitter.


The trunk of the Acura looks better. Side skirts will get shortened with the splitter. The Celica has had so many paint jobs that I started to feel bad for it.

A thick pin stripe should cover up my horrible tape job. Enjoy your Tuesday. This 308 should keep me pretty busy today.