I'm amazed. My collection mainly consists of 1/43s but because of all the buzz surrounding Tomicas I decided to order a few TLVs to see what it's all about. And they're truly amazing for 1/64s.

On French Friday I try to inform you all a bit about the somewhat unknown models but obviously there isn't anything to say about this car. Other than: It's a 911S.

It's details are truly awesome. Fuchs wheels, badges, striping, bumpers: all scream '911s'! Just misses it's mirrors.


One of the best parts of these Tomicas are their packaging. It's a blistered box, with an additional blister inside, in which the car is put inside a small plastig unsealed-bag. So getting it out won't hurt it's 'Mint' status by tearing stuff up. And unpacking is part of the fun with these.


It's just due to this newish scale to me I didn't have a proper set-up as my 'dioramas' are 1/43s of course. Not completely satified yet but that's not completely weird when you know what I did use...