Earlier today, I was watching a Doug DeMuro video on the BMW 850 CSi. In the video, he made the claim that the 850 CSi was the coolest BMW of the 90’s. Up until a few days ago, I would have agreed, as the big coupe is one of my dream cars. But, I think there is a 90’s Bimmer even cooler than the the 850; the e34 M5 Touring. Here’s why I think it’s cooler. As its name suggests, the Touring is the wagon version of the e34 M5 sedan. The e34 Touring was the M divisions first wagon, and along with its sedan counterpart, it was the last M5 with a motor related to a Motorsport racing engine, and it was the last of the hand-built M cars. And with less than 900 units produced, it’s even rarer than the 850 CSi.

This M5 Touring comes from Ottomobile, who also made the M5 sedan. The wagon represents a later model year than that sedan, so it sports a different grille, mirrors, and the throwing star wheels have been replaced by M Parallels. Coming from Otto, it is of course a sealed resin model, and it shares the same highs and lows of other Ottos. The paint is excellent and the stance is near perfect. But I still hate the flat plastic sheets they use for windows, and they need to figure out how to use pad printing on the interior. This a relatively old release from Otto, so you’re at the mercy of ebay if you want one. But the price is well worth it to have what is truly the coolest 90’s BMW.