I got a HWEP in yesterday from Sal. I asked for an Outlaw, because after my initial finding of a couple of them early on, things have been dry here. Imagine my delight when their were TWO Outlaws in the package :)

There was a not saying that one of them had a tampo error, and he thought it would better as a custom. I have had a custom idea percolating for weeks not, so to the workbench I went! An hour or so later, I had this to show for my work.

The wheels are the front axles off a pair of Real Rider Hurst Oldsmobiles (I have a fun plan for one of those). They fit perfectly, although the axles are WAY to too long, especially in the rear. I still need to order some ABS cement to try the Patented Tinfoil Hat Wheel Swap Method (patent pending), that should take care of the axle issue with relative ease. This time I went with a full detampo, yellow headlights again, colored the gas cap with a silver sharpie, and I also painted the hood straps brown.


I left the rear axle sticking out on this one, so you can see how much longer it is.


Another nice and simple custom, and I’m quite pleased with the results. Next I need to try doing a more extensive custom Outlaw, with the casting lines removed.