Well Teutonic Tuesday came early this week because I’m too excited not to post this. This has been a bit of a personal holy grail for awhile since I started collecting beetles and VW buses.

This is the custom VW hauler from hotwheels, released as part of their track stars hauler line. So what happens when you can’t get enough space in a VW bus? You turn it into a truck cab and make it tow a motor home shaped like another VW bus... Makes sense to me.

The cool thing about this model is that the roof is open, allowing us to take a look inside, and for a motor home. It’s pretty spacious, there’s food on the table and hold up... Is that a remote control beetle? Ok, this model just got brought up another notch.


Also, to achieve the two-toned colour scheme, the body consists of two separate colours of plastic which allows them to produce the white portions in a nice pearlescent finish and gives it good colour separation. The trailer is also attached to the cab via a metal ball joint which is pretty unique from what I’ve seen on most model haulers.


Overall, I’m pleased as punch that I was able to find this piece, and with the price I paid for it I couldn’t be happier with this find.