Teutonic Tuesday - ‘15 Merc GLE Coupe by Matchbox

It’s is a very rare thing to find Matchbox toy cars in Malaysia. So when I chanced upon this Merc GLE recently, it was a good surprise.

I am glad to have bought this model. It’s a nice casting. Initially, I thought the toy was a bit too narrow. But upon seeing the 1/1 car, it does look like that, and the MBX team have done well in replicating it in small form. Matchbox are really killing it ATM...!

I know that most of you guys have already seen this casting a long time ago, but it’s new to me. It’s as though I was terribly late to the party! I just wish that Matchbox distribution in Singapore and Malaysia wasn’t so bad that we have to get the leftover scraps from other countries. We should be getting up-to-date stocks just like the rest of the world. The amount of realistic everyday vehicles they’re doing would fill my collection if I could get them in stores! But sadly I have to pay OTT prices for specially imported MBX cars. Not worth it.


Ah well...what to do?? :/

Anyways, rant over. Thanks for viewing!


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