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Teutonic Tuesday: Baby You Can Drive My Car

But only if you’re about half a cm tall...

My wife used to be obsessed with the New Beetle, and had a small collection of them in literally every scale and type. There were a few old Matchboxes, a Maisto, an enormous RC version, some foam stressball type things, and then there was this, a super cute little pullback.


Sadly it doesn’t pull back anymore, but not because the motor gave out. The rear axle seems to have stanced itself a little, so now the base drags on the ground.

[Puts on firesuit] I’m not a fan of Beetles, new or old, really. I know and respect its place in automotive history and the unique role it has played in many a young mechanic’s upbringing, the awesome versatility of the design and package, making it suitable as a runabout, a baja racer, or a stanced monster, but I never saw the charm for the car itself.

This tiny little version, however, I love it.


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