Big things with little cars

Or should I call this one an Alpina C1 convertible? Matchbox called this a BMW 323i - but at this stage Alpina was already registered as a car maker, rather than just a tuner. So technically speaking, this is what it should be called. But as Alpina models can be bought at BMW dealers and carry the full BMW warranty, it is really a moot point.


But two semi-offical BMW modifiers had a hand in this car, as this is a Baur convertible. Baur was a coach builder in Stuttgart, and had long made convertible bodies based on BMW sedans, as BMW wasn’t making any at the time. Their models were also available from BMW dealers, and became popular despite (or because?) not all of the roof structure was removed. They featured a removable targa panel over the front seat, and a convertible top at the back. The remains formed a roll cage to protect the passengers nearly as well as a sedan would.

But in 1985, the party was pretty much over as BMW launched their own full E30 convertible. By 1999, Baur was bought out - their last Automotive venture being the G-Cabrio XL - a sort of G-Wagon Landaulet!


Now who will make us one of these in 1/64?

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