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Teutonic Tuesday: Brotnötig!

This is another one from Fintail’s mega sale a little while ago. It always was somewhat of forbidden fruit for me. In Europe there’s somewhat a struggle as in other parts of the world. In the US it’s you’re either a GM or a Ford guy. In Australia you’re either a Ford or a Holden dude. In my country it was Volkswagen against Opel.


And my family was into VWs. And in this generation of Hot Hatches VW was easily beaten by Opel. The Golf II GTI simply wasn’t powerful enough to keep up with Opel’s Kadett GSI. Especially in it’s 150hp 16v trim. With digital ‘80's class inside.

When it comes to quality the Kadett E (the 5th generation) wasn’t all that good, reason why you hardly see ‘m around anymore while the Golf still can be seen on a regular base.


This MBX definitely is of an era that won’t be remembered as perfect either. They had replaced the wheels with those 8-holes which fit it actually neat but the moldlines on this one are terrible.


Yet I had to have it when Fintail mentioned it. Forbidden fruit, just to annoy my father. I’m considering to wrap it up and give it to him for Christmas.


Tschüss! En voor iedereen die Sinterklaas viert: fijne pakjes avond!

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