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Teutonic Tuesday: Busch Edition

Last week we were treated to some fantastic little Busch models, and I promised to show off mine this week. So here they are!


I do have the original cases and paperwork for these two, but I didn’t photograph them because the plastic is old and yellowed and the paper has water damage from a leaky roof.

I’m not sure how long I’ve had these. I have, quite literally, been collecting VWs since before I could walk. I’ve been obsessed with aircooled Volkswagens since seeing the old Herbie movies as a baby, and my family had the foresight to start buying me models before I could fully appreciate them. I’ve had these two little Busch cars for probably at least twenty years. Don’t know much about these little guys, but they sit in a case with some of the best (and often oldest) VWs in my collection.


Thanks for reading!

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