Matchbox E46 Convertible in blue with some details.

It's what I want my customs to be, just that this one came straight out of the box.

See the black kidneys? There's a reason why my BMW customs so far have all been black.


But wait what? Did that Klaus character just say "out of the box" instead of "off the card"? Yes he did and for a reason. Instead of regurgitating what others have written before me, I'll just give you this link:…

Lamley readers will know about it anyway.


The dash is sculpted quite nicely, and hoooray, a real steering wheel and not the steering disc we have to live with on so many Mattel model cars.

The casting itself is totally spot on. All the lines are there, and the general shape of it is too. Why do they have to do all these "fantasy" cars when their actual models CAN be this perfect? It's not TLV-NEO perfect, but that's not something anyone was expecting.


Let's take a look at the box. Sorry, it's empty! I am a Neanderthal, when it comes to cars. I just have to get them out ASAP. But can you see the Matchbox or the Mattel logo? Neither can I!


Oh, there it is! Pretty discreet. The bottom says "licensed by BMW" and nothing about the actual manufacturer.

The only problem I have with this one? There are more out there somewhere! (As already seen on Lamley) I don't care about the X5 (SUVs? Meh!) or the Z8 (I have a perfect custom which I'll show you tomorrow), but the coupe and the sedan would be nice, and the 850i, and the.....