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Teutonic Tuesday: Das ist ein riesen menge T's!

This is Teutonic Tuesday's Tourist Trophy! Because that's what TT means: Tourist Trophy. Which in turn refers to the epic race on the Isle of Man. So did Audi do any good over there? Not quite, as the TT was a motorcycle race. But one of the brands that merged into Audi did compete on Man: NSU. And NSU named it's sportiest Prinz 1000 after those races.


At first it was available just as a coupé (1998), but within a year this 'roadster' was introduced. And that name is actually incorrect: a roadster is a car solely developed to be open. This is a re-developed coupé (which in his turn was based on a VW Golf) so it's a convertible to me.

Especially that coupé seems to have a back that appears to be the same as the front, that design-feature made quite an impact at it's introduction. But, as happens with all kinds of futuristic designs, I think it looked outdated the minute pictures of the second generation were released for press.


So why did I get it? As normally I prefer more 'classic' diecasts. Well, it's a Minichamps and I got it in an auction-lot at a liquidation sale. It's black paint is somewhat 'thick' and it's not a limited run of Minichamps. At least: that nowhere on the box/pedestal. And all my other 1/43 Minichamps seem to have a production number.


It's twin-exhaust tells us it's at least the 225bhp 4-cylinder 5-valve 1.8. Maybe even the 3.2 V6, I'm not that well known with Audis. The headlights look a bit odd and the roll hoops normally should be chromed. You could opt for some baseball stitching back then which I found totally over the top.


It could be worse though, way worse. And as it's German at least I can display a thing today on Teutonic Tuesday. Das war es mahl wieder, vielen Dank!

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