New animated gif try-out!

Stuttgart schaffts es wieder! It was terribly exciting this year. After I woke up in the morning finding out 2 out of 3 Toyotas were out of the race I was reminded about last year’s terrible results for the Japanese. As a Porsche fanatic it was good to find out Porsche #1 being in the lead with some LMP2s following, one of which being my favorite Vaillantes (Rebellion).

Toyota was having a hard time, as did the #2 Porsche. That one had been in the pits for an hour while replacing a front axle motor. It’s a hybrid, remember? And then the Porsche #1 grounded to a halt with a lack of oil pressure. With three hours left on the clock. At the time it had a massive lead of 13 laps! Leaving quite a few of the LMP2s to take the lead. And Toyota?

Their #8, the only one of three still driving, dropped out of contention in the eighth hour with an MGU issue when running second. Dropped back 30 laps (the Porsche #2 was 18 laps behind). Finishing ninth. Toyota seems to be jinxed at Le Mans.


Sorry I’m using older Le Mans cars here, I clearly need to get me some 2017 cars. Of course some LMP2s as well as I love those Rebellion/Vaillantes/Alpines. Too bad the #13 Vaillante was disqualified for making a hole in their bonnet to get easier access to the starter engine. Und das war es für Heute. Tschüss!


P.S. Might need a Corvette C7.R as well: did you see Millner have some issues with his three-wheeler? What a race!!!