This car doesn’t need much introduction, everybody knows when they hear its name.

An idea first seen on a small, lightweight VW military vehicle. Adopted to a pretty plain Audi 80 chassis add a dose of turbo power. You get the legendary Audi Quattro. The car’s turbocharged inline-5 capable of unleashing all it’s power on any road condition thanks to the permanent all wheel drive that ever since known as the Quattro. The system also debuted just in time when rally rules changed to allow the usage of all wheel drive in competition, of course, the Germans are more than happy to show their new application of the tech.

When the Quattro made its first motorsport debut however, people had doubts about the new system. People not only said the all wheel drive system was too heavy to be competitive but also too complicated and would be unreliable with the new power upgrade compared to the lighter, simpler RWD competitors like the Ford Escort. Audi went on to make all the skeptics eat their words as all the competitors with RWD loose speed and time when the rally stages get slippery, the Audis were able to corner faster and deliver power sooner as the cars’ AWD make all four wheels claw at the road at all times with German reliability to help them claim victories after victories. The car continued to evolve to the S1 with shorter wheelbase to improve agility, extensive use of composites like kevlar, and further power upgrade to make it a force to be reckon with. The S1 continue to dominate the rally stage and as well as winning and setting a world record at Pikes Peak in 1987. The only RWD rally car that was able to defeat the mighty Quattro was the Lancia 037 in the Group B class. the Quattro will always be the on top of Audi’s all time great cars which is why value for these continue to climb and all Audi models that comes after it with all wheel drive wears the quattro badge in honor of this truly special machine.


This Majorette representation of the Quattro is the non-S1 Quattro and another one of my acquisition from Fintail’s sale. Like all Majorettes, it’s got lots of features like opening doors and working suspension. My favorite feature is Majorette took the time to mold in the word “Quattro” on the rear quarter windows. I feel Majorette could put narrower wheels as it kind of spoils the overall look of the car by a pinch but everything else from the little details the put in to the racing livery Audi competed the Quattro with makes it one of top favorite Majorette casting in my collection.


Air Time!!!
You’re a goner Citroen...

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