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Teutonic Tuesday: Duke of the Dark Side

So Star wars came and went, and in that time hotwheels and tomica went wild with the character cars.

Most of HWs attempts involved creating vehicles by incorporating various well known features of characters, even referencing the Melinnium Falcon on the Han Solo and Chewbacca models.

On the other side of the pond, Tomica went about plastering faces on the front of cars... Literally, Chewbacca has never been more terrifying.


However one model stands out above the rest...

Clearly not free from face-grille syndrome, Tomica’s Kylo Ren stands out as a classy, classy character car, something that can’t really be used to describe the rest of the line.

Now that’s all fine and good, but why is it on Teutonic Tuesday? Well...


Don’t see it? How ‘bout now?


There’s clearly a split-window bug in there in the back, no doubt about it. Alas a bug rear does not a bug make, the front is clearly off. Well, not if you consider the elegant beetle.


Made as a custom kit to replicate some of the key features of a Rolls Royce, namely the extended hood, the kit provided beetle owners with the parts to extend the hood of the car as well as a flat from grille for that signature RR look.

So we have a character car referencing an obscure custom car kit designed for use with a VW bug, how about that...


Also, did I mention that it’s a convertible?

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