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Teutonic Tuesday: The Explorations of Ferdinand the 993

Today’s Teutonic Tuesday brings us the first adventure for Ferdinand, the 993 GT2. His explorations took him to a few historic spots in downtown Charleston, SC. Let’s see where he went!

First up, we have Market Hall, the entrance to the City Market!


And now a quick stop at the pink house of Rainbow Row!

And on to the library for a little history! Ferdinand hated all the Beetle references people had been making towards him recently, so he’s gotten his whole lineage mapped out to shove in peoples faces the next time they call him a VW. He’s calling it his “Pedigree.” He then got excited seeing a biography of Einstein, but we didn’t have time to read through all of it. I promised him we’d come back another day for that.


Ferdinand really wanted to know what his value was. Luckily the book was outdated so he couldn’t get an ego built up.


After the library, it was pretty late, so Ferdinand just went back to his garage. Apparently he’s already planning our next adventure. I’m very curious to see what the little guy has in mind.

***Author’s note: All pictures were taken inside my grandfather’s house and were not taken at any actual historic place in down Charleston, SC. Ferdinand doesn’t know that yet and believed everything was just scaled perfectly for him. I’m trying to find an easy way to break it to him, so don’t tell him anything yet.

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