Yes, I'm a bit late too.

What we have here is a Siku Mk I Ford Granada Turnier. The "Turnier" stands for the Wagon version. It translates to "Tournament". I don't know, maybe you're meant to take your jousting sticks in the back?

Anyway - the Granada was Ford Germany's largest offering. It was also simultaneously released by Ford in the UK, where it replaced the Zephyr. N0w this being a Siku, I think we can safely call this one the German version.

It came also in a lesser trim level called the "Consul" - but that name did not last long. Engine selection started with a 1.7l V4 - I shudder to think what that would have been like.

Better to opt for one of the 2.5l or 3l V6s on offer. Or, best of all, go to South Africa and get a V8 "Perana" version. That sounds like a hoot.


The Mark I Granada was made from 1972 to 1977 and sold rather well. It was succeeded by the much more modern looking Mk II (the styling of which was copied by Ford Australia for the Falcon - but that's another story).

This Siku model looks fairly angular compared to the real thing - something quite common to Sikus of that era. Definitely no CAD then. But they have their charm and represent models not seen otherwise in this scale.