Hi guys, as you may know from Jobjoris’s posts, we recently did a trade. On my side, I was only interested in the BMW’s and the one’s he had to offer were just up my street. We arranged this trade late last year, but due to bad organisation on my end, I only just sent the package off to the Netherlands from the UK this year, so sorry again Jobjoris for my lateness!

First up we have the Solido 2002 Turbo, Jobjoris has already made a post on this one, and I’ve always seen them on eBay and was a but reluctant to buy one, as I was unsure of the quality, so this was the perfect opportunity to get one. The model is really nice with metal body, and metal base, which I wasn’t expecting

I’ve already started modifying this, I’ve painted the chrome around the kidneys, and also the headlights


Around the back I’ve painted the taillights red, and painted the rubber around the windows. On the inside, it was all body colour, so I’ve painted the inside completely black, which is even harder to shoot on camera! This is a WIP, so it still needs some cleaning up.

Jobjoris said it would look good with the Solido 3.0CSL I have, and I have to agree! The 3.0 is another WIP which I have just added gold wheels to, I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out.


Next we have two Schuco 2500's in 1:64 scale. Even in poor condition, these things are really quite expensive, so I’m happy to have them in the collection. The only other Schuco 1:64 I have is a BMW Formel 2


Finally, we have the Marklin 502. It is a basic model (no interior!) but it’s a really interesting piece. You may notice the missing A pillar, well, when I took the car apart, the missing piece was stuck to the inside, which was lucky. Should be simpler to fix now!

The bumpers and lights are original paint, and the owner at one paint has added various other painted details, this may get a repaint at some point, but I’ll leave the moulding lines in, they add to the charm of the model!


So thanks again Jobjoris for your generosity, I’m really pleased with these models, I wasn’t even aware of the Marklin brand before, and now I’ve found out they made a 1600 GT, so I know what’s next on my hunt list!

Anyway guys, hope you enjoyed!