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Teutonic Tuesday Mailfind: Porsche 934RSR Turbo

Well, really it came in the mail yesterday, but still on time for Teutonic Tuesday.

This is a carbon fibre patter-dipped Hot Wheel Porsche 934RSR Turbo. It’s made by @hotwheelsworks on instagram. The pattern is obviously not to scale, but I think it still looks amazing in black like this, so I’m going to detail her up beautifully, give her a new pair of shoes, and she’ll be perfect!


Also in the box was another hotwheelsworks creation, a 3D printed resin steering rack setup for hot wheels! I think I’ll have to make this 934 the prototype. As soon as I find a .050 allan key, though, since that is what it came with...

Check out @hotwheelsworks on instagram for more of this steering rack setup!

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