Long time, no see. Don’t you just hate it when life interrupts your collecting hobby? Anyway, I think the worst is over and hopefully I will be on here a bit more in the future.

So today here’s a R107 Mercedes 350SL - as made in Stuttgart from 1971 to 1989. That’s a good long while, and it appears MB were in no hurry to replace this model as they managed to sell over 230,000 of these cars over the years.

And I think a lot of that had to do with the design - to my eyes, these always were great looking machines and I don’t think I’m alone here.


Engines came in a variety of sizes, starting with an Inline Six of 2.8l displacement, and topping with a V8 of exactly twice that size. This one here is the golden middle - the small V8 with 3.5l. Not that you could tell the engine from the outside, the car’s design remained virtually unchanged throughout its life.

Some later models received different wheels and small front and rear spoilers. But IMO, the original models look the best.


This model is a 1/43 by Märklin - another 1990s re-issue of a 1970s casting. The details were great for its time, but today we can do a lot better. Even so, a bit of paint on those cast-in tail lights would make a huge difference. But as is so often the case, you get the opening details that I like so much.

And that’s it for tonight - hopefully, I won’t be too long before my next post.