A car I actually purchased in July but never got around to writing a post for.

As a control to my collecting habits I had decided to focus my collecting on Porsche racing cars, where there was plenty of variety but also an overall theme to my collection...

...then I saw this Minichamps M1 deeply on sale.

I won’t bore y’all with too many details, but I will say that this is a really nice 1/18 scale model with full opening features. For whatever reason I just really like the minimalist white livery and wheels on this particular car.


Not my first Minichamps car, but I think they consistently strike a solid balance of detail and features, especially in the racing genre.


The irony of which is that ordering this car is what reminded me to write my post about the 924 GTR I’d had for a while. Which is here:

Ordering something else is what spurred me to finally post this, hopefully I’ll write a post about that for next Teutonic Tuesday instead of waiting 3 months.