Currently in Prague and accidentally stumbled across a small toy shop whilst grabbing some lunch. It had a small selection of Hot Wheels with pegwarmers such as fantasy cars and a few Red Escorts (funny what becomes pegwarmers in different parts of the world). Didn’t get them though as they cost the equivalent of about AU$5. I did see a nice selection of Sikus though and for almost the same price as Hot Wheels, I decided to buy my first Sikus. I have seen them in the past and thought the scales of the cars were a tad bigger than what I like and passed on them. But since I had an urge to buy something, I picked up these 2 Polizei cars - a Porsche Cayman S and a BMW 545i.

Great details on the cars, opening doors, and even with some specs of the cars included on the base. I did find the base feels a bit flimsy and if I pressed hard enough, it almost feels as though it will break.

I like these enough to consider getting a few more. Any Siku fans out there care to recommend any particular nice castings?

Sorry for crappy iPhone shots taken in poor lighting from hotel room.