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Teutonic Tuesday - Porsche 356 Rant

Guys, I have to get something off my chest. And I probably thought way too much about this, but I’ve been bothered by it for a while, and if I don’t say something now, it will fester forever.

The Hot Wheels Porsche 356 Outlaw is phenonemal, I think we can all agree. But I think they named it for the wrong generation of 356. I’ve gone though each detail on the car, and they clearly point to a 1962+ T-6 bodied 356B. I have pored over the Porsche 356 Spotter’s Guide from front to back and all signs point to B.


Let’s start the exam, shall we?

The Front

The hood is kind of squared off, as opposed to the more rounded 356A, as you can see below.


The shape of the horn grilles next to the turn signal bulbs does not match either. The 356A’s are rounded, wheras the 356B’s are slanted.

The headlights on the B are also higher up on the fender, and the line from the front of the fender to the windshield is much more curved on the A than on the B.




The easiest giveaway? The twin grilles on the rear decklid. 356As only got one grille, again, as seen below.


Speaking of the decklid, ironically the evolution of the shape went opposite to the hood in the front. Whereas the hood got more square in the B, in the rear the lid got more rounded in the B.

The tail lights on this 356A and on the 356B are the same teardrop shape, but earlier (pre-1957 ones) were actually two seperate round lights, as seen on the ‘53 coupe below.


So, in conclusion, maybe I’ve thought way too much about this, and it being an Outlaw, it spits in the face of the traditional Porsche 356's distinguishing features, but why didn’t they just call it a 356B Outlaw? What kind of fun conspiracy theories can we come up with to explain this?


Think about it! Do your research, SHEEPLE!!

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