Question: How many great looking racecars has Porsche made?

Answer: Trick question! All of them are great looking. Honestly, between the 906, 962, 919, 956, 934, etc., could you name a favorite? Neither can I.

But take a look at the 935 Ks. What that relatively small shop has done to the already insane 935, is create a bonkers fire breathing, tire slaying race monster that sounds like a straight up animal and looks even more ferocious than that.


This particular car is the 1:43 version of the #77 BP/Hertz Porsche 935 K3 run by the Garretson Development team that came in 11th overall at the 1982 24 Heures du Mans. Made by Quartzo, this 935 K3 is a resin model with excellent detail. It’s obviously not new, but in pretty good shape. I discovered after I opened it that one of the fog light lenses is missing, but I bought this guy for $14.99 with free shipping so I can’t complain too much. Plus, this definitely won’t be the last 935 K in my collection, and I already have a very nice Ebbro on my hunt list.

Good points: Bodywork is spot on. The monster that is the 935 K has been faithfully been replicated in resin, and I especially love that ferocious looking wing on the back and how it joins up with the bodywork. That roofline flowing into the tail is just gorgeous.


The wheels are super cool. I love those deep dish multispokes, and these look great with their photo etched centers. And they roll!

The interior is nicely done, with clearly visible fire extinguishers in the passenger side footwell.


Bad points: The tampos are obviously tampos. This may be due to age, but you can pretty clearly see the outlines of the tampos, and there is some minor wrinkling going on in some places.

Like I said, missing fog light lens. I’ll say no more about it since I discussed it above.

There are some minor imperfections in the wheels, where the inserts are starting to come out or are not in correctly.


Overall though I’m very happy with it. The price was crazy good, the car is one of the nicest Porsche racers ever, the livery is cool and ultra 80s, and it has reignited my hunt for 1:43 Porsche racecars!

Happy Tuesday, guys!