In a French Friday a little while ago I showed this pre-war Teutonic beast from Norev as well: Mercedes-Benz’ W29 500K Spezial Roadster. And I mentioned that I didn’t quite follow Norev’s decision to cast a Benz (there’s plenty of French pre-war goodness) and that those wire wheels with this scale (3"-car: about 1/64) never is a good idea:

Luckily customizing authority Craig Oesterling came to the rescue in the replies:

You could try watering down some black paint and brushing it onto the wheel. Then you could rub the raised surface (the spokes) with your finger to remove the paint. If it’s watered down, it should naturally settle down into the crevices and set as the water evaporates.

So work had to be done. And this:


Became this:

The two leading pictures show the difference much better: A huge improvement if you ask me. The way it should be. Maybe I wasn’t working as painstaking as needed but it definitely adds realism to it. Another compare:




What I do like is the fact Norev finally triggered my interest in pre-war stuff. The fact alone this car had a 5018 cm³ 8 cylinder inline engine (160hp!) with a Rootes Kompressor should at least raise some eyebrows. Or it’s weight: Over 2 tonnes of massive steel.


The 500K was Mercedes’ S-class of it’s day. Often the W24 and W29 are seen as one as the W24 (540K) was a development to the 500K (W29). Not many were made, not even 800. Of those only 29 were 500K Spezial Roadsters. They’re worth quite a lot nowadays, at Monterey one was sold for 9.7 million dollars in 2011.

And lots of “celebrities” drove 500/540K’s. Rudi Caracciola. Bernie Ecclestone. Hermann Göring. And yes: Adolf Hitler as well. Quite some history, I definitely would suggest you read that Caracciola-piece.


And although this Spezial Roadster is pretty special, it’s not my favorite 500K. That would be the 500K Autobahnkurier. Only 6 produced.


So probably even more expensive. Especially because only one is known to have survived. Oh, and did I mention who was the guy initiating the use of Kompressors at Mercedes-Benz for the 500K’s predecessor (the W06, of SSK-fame)? That other Teutonic authority: Herr Doktor Ferdinand Porsche.

And now I’m just wondering: Should I use Craig’s technique on the grille as well? Nur die Zeit kann es verraten... Das war es wieder für heute. Vielen Dank für Ihre Zeit. Und bis Freitag wann ich wieder etwas Französisch zeige. Tschüss!