So over the weekend, I went to a local collectors market where people sold various toys and collectables old and new. Whilst there, I managed to pick up something I’d never expect to be part of my collection.

This is quite clearly a VW beetle, but not just any beetle, but a Corgi. Produced as part of the Whizzwheels line this has got to be the oldest piece in my collection period.

Introduced in the late 60s, the Whizzwheels line as its name suggests, was a range of cars featuring low friction wheels for easy rolling. Also, as standard for the time, the models featured stickers instead of tampographs or painted details and personally, I’m surprised the stickers lasted this long. Those stickers have been on for over 40 years, if you do the math. Interestingly, the sticker itself seems to be a cost saving measure as there is a hole in the roof of the casting which was used for a siren on a police-decoed version of the casting.


As custom for the era, this model comes with both a metal base and body. A nice touch is how they attempted to include the text on the boot of the car.

Something else you’ll probably never get on a cheaper model these days is the use of clear plastic headlights.


Overall, I’m really happy to add this to my beetle collection. As they say, they don’t make them quite like this anymore...