I’m going to keep this post small, because Jobjoris already did a phenomenal job teaching, and Sn210 already did a phenomenal job going big with Exoto, so I’ll stick to the Matchbox and Hot Wheels 959s.

Putting them next to each other really shows the differences between the old Hot Wheels casting by Larry Wood that’s been in the range since 1988 (and released in an astonishing total of 41 different versions!) and the Matchbox version that was first released in 1986.

Going for the Gruppe B Study look with the Turbofan wheels.

The Hot Wheels is a lot narrower than the Matchbox, and I think proportion-wise that is slightly more accurate. But I prefer the low and wide Matchbox a little more, despite it’s inaccuracies.


The silver one with the giant Porsche logo on the hood is a Maisto that I got from a HWEP sans wheels, and now looks like it’s slammed to the ground on some large diameter Hot Wheels split five-spokes. The plus on the Maisto casting is the orange plastic tail light assembly!


I used to have another 959, but that one now happily lives with Franco, Barry Otherbarry, Mini McMiniface, two Roman dogs, and a talented photographer.


I really hope Nate shows his custom 959 Aero test car again... I love that thing!