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Teutonic Tuesday: The other gold 928

When I saw Jobjoris’ great little 928 post this morning, I knew there was only one thing to do...

CaptDale’s 928 happens to be here, and I also happen to have a little gold 928, this one the Hot Wheels version, so I figured I’d contrast that with the beloved MBX cast. I was also lucky to get one of those not too long ago from Shopteacher, in the racing livery (how many does he have ?!?). The HWs cast has been around since the late 70's, and I don’t think it ever approached the accuracy of the MBX. There are flaws everywhere, it almost looks as if the mold was worn by the time they knocked this one out. Check out the offset of the front turn signals to the driving lights! The windows are black plastic, which is a little odd. The style of the wheels is accurate for phone dials, but the big rear wheel syndrome plagues it. Still, I love 928s as much as anyone else around here so it’s a fun one to keep on the desk. Enjoy!


Thanks to CaptDale for unwittingly providing the backdrop ;)

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