Hey all! It’s been a while since I’ve been around LaLD, mainly because of AP exams. However, now that they’re finished and I’m a second-semester high school senior, I have practically no obligations so I can come waste time with tiny cars again! I’ve fiddled with my photography setup a bit and have brought my ten year old Panasonic Lumix out of storage again and I must say, iPhones are great, but nothing beats having a bit more glass to play with (it’s no SLR, but it’s much better than a 5S).

Anyways, as a sort of test run I decided to put Majorette’s Mk7 GTi up against Jada’s Mk6 GTi, both approximately 1:64.

The ‘Red-Line’ treatment
Crisp and simple is the Majorette way
Better detail on the Jada, but a bit cartoonish compared to Matchbox’s—maybe a comparison for next week!
Opening trunk, as is the Majorette way


Three door heritage


I love how Majorette maintains a standard format for their bases—it gives a nice continuity throughout their range
Coming and going

So, Happy Teutonic Tuesday to everyone, and thanks for looking! I’ll see you around LaLD!