Ok, Here’s my VW Type 3 Fastback by world famous sports car manufactuer VolksWagen. This is a Matchbox Superfast made from 1970 to 1972 by Lesney Products of England(it’s only just older than me!) It’s painted in a glorious purpley grapey hue that has me wanting to put on a Paisley shirt and find the nearest swingers party that has a working cheese fondue fountain, but I digress.

While looking for some info on this model I got a bit of a shock when I found a price guide of over $200AUD! My mouth did fall open slightly at the same time my eyebrows raised as I’m pretty sure this cost me no more than $10AUD 20+ years ago, which was only just yesterday. It’s in near mint condition and has its box. This is around 45 years old so it’s looking pretty good and shows no signs of play, which is sad in a way. The type 3 is very well known and info is easily available on the www so no point me typing out lines of crappy spelling and bad punctuation, well any more lines than I already have.

Happy Tuesday.

Here’s some photos for your eyeballs.