Back in 2014, to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Gran Turismo game. Polyphony the company behind the game franchise invited car manufacturers around the world to design something wild and innovative to show where the next chapter of the automobile may possibly go and be featured in the game as a free update as a thank you gift to all the fans. The project is called “Vision Gran Turismo” and the rule is very simple: be creative as you can both on the design and performance specs. Some are absolutely out of this world and the first manufacturer to kickoff the special project is an entry by Mercedes. A gullwing supercar that packs a biturbo V8 good for 577hp mated to a specially tuned 7 speed DCT transmission, with a lightweight spaceframe chassis wrapped in an elegant, sleek aluminum body. The car is called the Mercedes Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo.

In all honesty, it doesn’t have the wildest spec out there considering some concepts in the VGT series have way more power with spec from the pages of science fiction. Design too is more restrained compare to others with most feature angular and aggressive body with giant wing protruding from the back. The design of the AMG VGT is sleek and curvy with spoiler that retracts when not in use.

And that’s why I love it, its great to see all the crazy designs when the manufacturers are allowed to have their minds set free. But at the same time, there’s nothing wrong seeing one with a simple design once in a while, it looks closer to being an actual production car. Mercedes objective was to have the element of purity in mind, a design that look towards the future while paying respect to the past with the shape mimic the iconic 300 SL Gullwing with the liquid silver paint inspired by the legendary “Silver Arrows” racecars from the pre-war era.


The Mercedes AMG VGT is not only special for kicking off the game franchise’s special project and a star in the digital world, its also a star on the silver screen being Bruce Wayne’s new ride in the recent DC movie Justice League. None of the other cars for the game can claim that credential.

For a triple threat, its also a star in the diecast world thanks to Majorette. Majorette selected a total of 6 for now, it’s unknown whether or not Majorette will continue the line but this is Series 1 so there are hopes for more in the future. I picked up 3 of my favorite from the series which I’ll show in upcoming posts. Majorette captured the spaceship-like low slung shape of the Mercedes VGT brilliantly with tampos on the grille and the Mercedes three point star applied accurately.


Its very mesmerizing the more you look at it the more you want to roll it to see the light flow every curvature of the car. The wheels are your average offering from Majorette but they actually look more realistic than the actual concept with slightly more meat for the tires and the wheels look less cartoonish. Shine a light and look closely through the windshield and the exceptionally well molded interior with the sci-fi like steering wheel is visible. Another neat touch is Majorette even took the extra step to have the rear spoiler extended as if its in sport mode which is an extra part that HWs would never have done for a mainline. One little compliant will be that the front headlights, which are plastic inserts conjoined with the window piece could use more depth. Its one of the top cars if not the only car I want from Majorette’s Vision Gran Turismo series. I’m not surprised it was one of the first cars to disappear from the pegs as soon as the discounts dropped.