Went to Walmart after work looking for a couple of MBX Cherokee for a hwep. Struck out on that endeavour, but I did come across this guy

Bam! Pow! Real Riders! Awesome looking cast of, imo, the best looking Batmobile. It’s the one I grew up with and I even got to see it, among other George Barris creations as we would occasionally drive past his shop in southern California. They would be parked in the back of his shop, which butted up against a freeway. My dad would always point it out as we drove by.

But this is Teutonic Tuesday and the Batmobile is not of the Germanic persuasion. But these are.

I, of course, had to poke around the HW pegs and found me another 993 GT2. Then I looked down and saw a $uper Treasure Hunt 993 GT2! Are you kidding me? Trolling a store is one thing, but stumbling upon a $uper on the pegs unexpectedly, is entirely different! Here’s a $uper Porsche sandwich.


I am finding it difficult to keep from smiling like a little kid on Christmas day.

Thanks for looking and good hunting!