In my younger years it was all about that sweet six inline from die Bayerische Motoren Werken. As it was torquey and vibration-free by default. The sound they produced was amazing! And BMW mounted the 6-pot M20s and M30s in all of their models. But then, all of a sudden, the 7 series E32 was fitted with a V8. Blasphemy. Just to please the American market. Right?

Well, BMW did V8s in the past, way before BMW started using the E-projekt codes (for Entwicklung). In the 501/502 series, the car that almost killed BMW as post-war Europe wasn’t ready for luxury V8s (just the 502 got the V8, 190 units produced!) in the 50's. So that’s what you see here: A 502. Or is it a 501. Märklin, the manufacturer of this vintage model, doesn’t even know which one it is them selves. So they put both on the undercarriage. Scale? No idea.

And yes: No idea about time either as I’m totally late again, this time for Teutonic Tuesday. And I need to move on again so this is it for today. Maybe this 502 (or 501) will make a Cameo appearance in the future, it actually is too vintage for me anyway ;-) I NEED MORE TIME!