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Teutonic Tuesday: Work-in-progress

This has been my most involved body alteration project, I think, as far as I can remember. I’m changing a Porsche 356 “A” to a strict, and mostly stock, 1960 356B.

I think I posted a little about this build before, but basically it’s a commissioned build for a for-now secret client to match their 1:1. To turn this casting into a 356B, I had to re-work the hood shape in the front, change the rear to a single vent deck lid, add bumpers front and rear, remove the hood cut out filler hole, change the exhaust location, and add the hood chrome strip. There is also a thin chrome piece right below the door on the 1:1 that I still have to fit in, as well as the little reflectors above the tail lights.


I’m getting very close with the body mods, which is very exciting, and then I can finally move on to paint and detailing!

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