I really only have plans to finish one custom this week while I am off from work. A simple wheel swap. The ideal wheels for my project are on vintage Yatmings. Thankfully I found a decent wheel donor in my box of Yatming beaters (a sufficiently wrecked Rolls Royce Phantom).

While digging around I found this old 450 SEL from my childhood. Winner of many imaginary demolition derbies... This Merc was one of my favorites in my fleet. The red plastic taillights blew my mind back then because it wasn’t a very common feature on diecast cars. This poor car has a billion miles on it. But, I am really happy to still have it.


I’m finding that older off-brand diecasts REALLY love putting leaf spring suspensions on the strangest cars. It kinda baffles me because somewhere out there a designer sat at a desk and designed up the casting for the bottom of the car. The transmission, exhaust, drivetrain all looks pretty accurate... but as soon as they got to designing the suspension they defaulted to leaf spring front and rear. What inspires that? It is one of the 10 great diecast mysteries of our age.