So I got a 959 with some 959s. And also some other sports Beetles.

Others have already covered Porsche’s watershed supercar in great detail today (seriously, amazing stuff guys! I need to go back and drool over your posts in more detail), so I’ll just share one in a different scale, and (gasp!) in plastic. This is Tamiya’s 1:24 version, built when I was 10-12 or so, when these were still pretty new cars. It was an amazingly detailed kit then and remains so now. I regret that I was never really well set up for painting full bodies, it would have really improved this because you can see the molding marks in the body. The engine cover grille and wipers have gone missing over the years, and that left front wheel is broken off, but it makes for these sweet posed shots...

Definitely a bit of shelf wear...


BUDDIES!! That HW is one of my most treasured, it’s the original run with the open rear wing, before they retooled it.

And with some 1:1 relatives..