Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Teutonic Tuesdays wheels are good

Sorry for yet another post on this thing lol but had to show off the new shoes!

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Was even able to fix the lean to the left on this VW. Like early Matchbox cars it has a metal strip to make it have a suspension and it was a bit rusty and not centered so it would get stuck on two lil tabs inside. A bit of sanding and clean up its back to normal. Now it’s on to what to do next leave the patina as is while adding rust to the exposed metal areas and make it look ran down, Strip it down and repaint it as another ambulance, or the same as the first plan but make it look like a camper (extra AC unit add some living space details inside)

I really don’t know yet like many projects I get to one stage but don’t know what’s next lol.

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